Cruising The Whitsundays

It’s no secret that The Whitsundays are a world-class sailing destination; and sailing from Hamilton Island is the most convenient and fastest way to get your sailing holiday in The Whitsundays started. Flights land at Hamilton Island Airport from most major cities in Australia and the island atmosphere that hits you as you step off the plane will have you in holiday mode in no time.

Hamilton Island Airport transfer

Hamilton Island Marina is a 5-minute drive from Hamilton Island Airport. We can arrange transfers for you, depending on the yacht it is sometimes included in the nightly rate, or for a small additional cost.

Board at Hamilton Island Marina

Hamilton Island Marina has a collection of some of the finest sailing yachts in the region, year round, so plenty to choose from for all types and sizes of groups. Travelling solo or on a budget? Hire a luxury yacht ‘by the cabin’.

Embrace the freedom of sailing The Whitsundays as you set sail for its greatest wonder, the Great Barrier Reef. The sea life and coral on The Reef have long earned it the title of “best snorkelling in the world” and you’ll be in a prime position to make the most of it.

Even if you are staying on Hamilton Island you can add a touch of luxury charter yacht sailing with one of the island’s unique sunset cruises. Romantic, enchanting, and something you’ll not quickly or easily forget.

Experience the unique nature of sailing The Whitsundays

Unlike sailing destinations in other parts of the world, The Whitsundays are largely uncrowded, making them ideal for sailing its island filled, pristine waters. Being remote and untouched makes it really special and on board a luxury yacht charter is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature.

Sailing The Whitsundays in a luxury yacht like Jalun or Lady Pamela is just about the best sailing holiday you can have. Luxury yachts are like a floating hotel that can be used for any group or occasion. (Lady Pamela has 3 levels fitted out for events.) You can get around as much or as little as you want. The crew won’t mind. They’re focussed on waiting on your every need. The most taxing decision you’ll be required to make all day is when your meals are served!

Do you have dietary requirements?

A little known but welcome fact about sailing on many of The Whitsundays luxury yachts is that the menus can be designed around specific needs or requests. That’s something we always discuss at the planning stage.

Swimming, fishing, island hopping in The Whitsundays

It’s good to have an idea of what you want to do before you go but really, once you’re in full swing with life on board a luxury charter yacht in a place like The Whitsundays, you might want to greet each new day by lingering over coffee and cold pressed juices while you explore the many options of “what to do today” – “nothing at all” included!

Luxury yacht charters are sooo relaxing

Which is why they are so appealing to people with busy lifestyles. You literally disconnect from everyday life the moment you push off from Hamilton Island Marina. Sailing The Whitsundays you can relax and unwind in no time at all. Bring your weary selves, friends and family. Sailing yachts have the ideal setup for enjoying time together.

Luxury charter yachts are all about the crew

The crew of any luxury yacht charter is central to your safety and enjoyment. We are incredibly proud to list some of The Whitsundays best luxury charter yachts and crews, who are so important to the quality of your sailing holiday and the memories you take home with you. Many a fine friendship has been struck while charter boat cruising in The Whitsundays. The most common feedback we get from people on return is that they didn’t want to get off the boat! Remember when you are planning that people always wish they could stay longer. The other most common “complaint” is that the food was so good they ate too much!

We have first hand experience of luxury charter yacht sailing in The Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Holidays team live and work here. We’re not a call centre and we’re available 7 days a week. We actually have been on board the yachts we represent. Our Reservations Consultant Clare Rushby has personally sailed many bareboat yachts around The Whitsundays and been a guest on Jalun, Alani, and Lady Pamela.

What makes a luxury yacht charter so special?

We asked Clare to share her thoughts on the appeal of chartering a luxury yacht and sailing The Whitsundays. Here’s what she had to say about one of her favourite Whitsunday Holidays charter yachts, the luxury crewed Jalun:

‘Since arriving in The Whitsundays last year Jalun has proven to be very popular. I spent 3 nights aboard Jalun and was seriously impressed. The captain/owner is extremely passionate about sailing and the Whitsundays, and even more importantly about giving the guests a good time and making sure they have the best experience possible. It is also great value for money – there are many free water sports on board and the 5 star food is delicious!”

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